Resource Works has produced the Citizen’s Guide to Tanker Safety & Spill Response on the British Columbia South Coast is a work for the serious, engaged individual. It will also appeal to those in the role of explainer of complex public policy, and who are in need of authoritative, accessible, reference materials. However, they have also endeavoured to make it as accessible as possible by using jargon-free language and infographics. The document provide extensive citations and links to other, validated information sources.

Resource Work’s intention was to collect together, into one place, this authenticated and definitive inventory of the information relevant to maritime safety in connection with the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP), along with some other contextual information that we concluded would be helpful for understanding the project.

As a public issue, TMEP has demanded the utmost dedication to ensuring ongoing transparency and accessibility for the public. This guide is organized to facilitate understanding of what can be a thicket of operational, technical and legal frameworks, sometimes appearing to overlap. The authors have identified an inclusive framework divided into four topic areas:
● Regulation
● Risk
● Response
● Social and Economic Returns

Recently our Pacific Chapter was invited to review and comment on the document.  Marian Robson, Chair, Pacific Chapter nominated four members of our Executive, with particular expertise in marine matters, to undertake this task. Just a word about each member…
● George Adams is a retired senior shipping executive and former member of the Board of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, who closely follows marine issues;
● Darryl Anderson, Wave Point Consulting, Victoria has done a great deal of policy work and writing on marine issues and in particular, tanker traffic;
● Bonnie Gee, Vice President, Chamber of Shipping of BC and directly involved day to day in tanker movements on the BC coastline; and
● Paul Levelton, who heads up the Infrastructure Practice at KPMG and has had international experience in port/marine projects.

This group has reviewed the draft document and has found it to be both factual and credible.
Marian Robson, FCILT
Chair, Pacific Chapter
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
North America

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